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CIWW 2018 Rubber Band Racer Project

Mick Keller  | Published on 5/9/2018

CIWW 2018 Rubber Band Racer Project

               This year, CIWW will be seeking your assistance to make wooden pine blanks for future rubber-band racers kits.  We promised Scouts BSA that we would supply 15,000 racers for 2019.  Each blank will be incorporated into a kit that is given to a Cub Scout as a way to attract him to join Scouts BSA. 

                We guarantee that your participation will be easy and rewarding because we will supply all of your needs.

                  Beginning at the June 2018 CIWW meeting, members can pick up boxes of 100 blanks, the plans, two templates, a jig for drilling the holes, and three drill bits needed to do the drilling.   It is expected that members will also take some soft pine.  A member will then cut each blank out on their band saw or scroll saw and drill needed holes.   Each kit will contain needed plans.  You can access those  plans by clicking on BSA One  BSA Racer Dragster Body      and BSA Two BSA Dragster Racer Axle and Drive Pin .

                  Those 100 racers, drilled and cut, can then be returned to the following month’s meeting.